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Hello! I am Dr. Alexander Uskov MD PhD. I primarily deal with skin problems: I help to remove problematic blood vessels and pigment spots, scars, post-pregnancy stretch marks and acne scars using a laser. I remove artificial pigments and I also deal with the rejuvenation of facial skin and other areas with sensitive skin.

More information about me can be found in my personal website

"Healthy skin is a reflection of overall well-being"

- Dr. Alexander Uskov


Hello! I am laser nurse Laura. I perform laser treatment procedures for various skin concerns — scars, pigmentation, redness, capillaries, photoaging. I also perform laser skin rejuvenation. I graduated from Tartu Tervishoiu University in 2015. I have medical experience in dermatology and laser therapy. I keep myself up-to-date with the development of my profession by taking advanced training both in Estonia and abroad every year. Thanks to this, I am able to offer patients high quality and most effective laser treatment. 


"Take care of yourself and your inner balance and your beauty will shine on your skin!"

- Laser nurse Laura Nulk-Uskov


We perform scar treatment for all types of scars on the skin, including post-operative, traumatic, caesarean sections, tummy tucks, breast surgery and acne scars. The age of the scars does not matter.

For more information and before&after pictures, see our blog about scars


We remove unwanted capillaries on the face and body, treat rosacea, remove the superficial veins in the initial stage of varicose on the legs. We treat angiomas in children and adults


Laser pedicures to improve the appearance of the face, décolleté and other skin areas. Including in the intimate areas of men and women. Our arsenal includes "lunch visit" procedures with zero recovery period as well as laser procedures requiring longer recovery. 

Stretch marks removal after pregnancy, after weight gain, hormone therapy or teenage stretch marks. The before and after results of our patients have been published as the best examples at different international medical conferences. For working with stretch marks, Dr. Alexander Uskov has acquired the status of DEKA KOL expert doctor in Baltics.



Vesivärava 50, 10152 Tallinn, ESTONIA

2nd floor

Parking in the Torupilli Selver parking lot with a parking clock is free for 2 hours

+372 533 336 61


Calls and letters are answered by the reception desk during the working hours of the clinic:

Tuesday, Thursday 14:45—19:00

Wed, Fri 8:45—14:00

Sat 10:00—14:00

Laserklinik OÜ

License no. L06465

Registration no. 16820567

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