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If you need consultation — consultations at the moment take place in Dr. USKOV CLINIC (Laserkliinik OÜ) at Vesivärava 50, 2nd floor.

It is possible to book a time for a consultation through the link below, where currently available appointment times are visible. Choose doctor and time that suits you for the consultation:

If you have already had a consultation and want to book an appointment for the procedure, send your request via e-mail to — the registrar will contact you.

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I specify that

— despite the fact that we deal with rather narrow problems, absolutely every case is truly individual and requires a separate approach. Therefore, you should always start with a personal consultation. During a face-to-face meeting, we will examine the condition of the skin and, if necessary, perform digital dermatoscopy or additional examinations. Only after that I can make an individual prognosis about the treatment results. Sometimes we can offer the procedure immediately after the consultation. But sometimes the condition of the skin may require prior preparation. And sometimes the procedure can be completely contraindicated. So please start with a face-to-face consultation.

If you already have a procedure planned or have received treatment from me before, please contact the reception. Online booking is only possible for consultation.

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